KletterZ´was founded and opened in 2015 by to passionate climber. The whole team loves and breathes climbing and bouldering - we all come and go with a smile in our face. That is our goal for you when you come to our gym, to put a smile on your face, when you come and leave. We want you to become a part of the climbing-lifestyle and part of the KletterZ´- Movement 

climbing: 865m²

routes: up to 130

height: 16m

climbing: 760m²

routes: up to 100

height: 17m

Kletterfläche: 220m²

Routen: bis zu 45

Höhe: 8m

bouldering: 500m²

boulders: up to 160

height: 4,5m

bouldering: 250m²

boulders: up to 75

height: 4,5m

bouldering: 55m²

boulders: up to 28

height: 2,2m

climbing: 210m²

routes: up to 28

height: 8m

bouldering: 55m²

boulders: endless

height: 4m

Toppas: 6

Routen: bis zu 35

Höhe: 16m

Bistro:  Getränke und Essen, Wifi, Shop, Verleih

KletterZ´- Team


Chiller, Visionary and always up for a joke


Climber, machine and if not in the gym, you can find her climbing mountains all over the world


Escape-Climb - Master


Sportswoman and backbone of the KletterZ´- Team


An unique Allround-Talent


Our KletterZ´- Voice


Our KletterZ´- Rascal

Büro kontakt Kletterz
email Klettrz Weyarn
Offnungszeiten Kletterz

Opening Hours

Mo/Wed/Thu/Fri: 10:00 - 23:00

Tue: 07:00 - 23:00

Sa/So/Holidays: 09:00 - 22:00


+49 (0) 8020 908 72 33

Mo-Thu: 9-14

Fr: 9-12

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